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Mike's Wedding Mixtape Pt.1


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Guest analogue wings

"I'd like to thank Starkey, Luke Vibert, Virus Syndicate, DJ Roc, MRK1, DJ Nate, Aphex Twin, Pinch, Venetian Snares, Benga, Mrs Jynx, Anti-G, Ceephax, Ital Tek, Boxcutter, Machinedrum, Vex'd and DJ Diamond for coming to my wedding..."


"..and now my cousin Trevor will play Careless Whisper on his iPod"

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This, actually seems a like a decent mix for a wedding occasion, songs everyone can dance to (that means no idm, you nerds) some good old school tunes thrown in there.. part 2 looks a little more interesting, I'm giving that a listen...


fuckyeahfreshprincenjazzyjeff.jpg :emotawesomepm9:

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