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The World Economy Is Dangerous


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most of what the current economy is based on is 'false' right? so if the current economy flourishes, then all the wrong things are succeeding?


shouldn't really have to say this, but.... economies aren't true/false questions, duder

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Ironically, you have proven your point despite the assumed sarcasm in which it was put forth.

i thought the caps made it clear that i was being reductionist at the same TIME???

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Among the major advanced economies, the IMF now thinks Germany and Canada will be the only countries to grow by more than 2% in 2011.


wtf is Canada doing right? The fact that they subsidize the video game industry?


Whatever it is, I want in lol.

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Three crises will add to the pressure of a collapse of some sort:

- Debt crisis across nations (we've seen the signs of this so far in many countries)

- Energy crisis (scarcity of oil coupled with rising oil prices)

- Employment crisis (technological unemployment)


All of these are inevitable, but unfortunately our current economic system cannot solve any of this.

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I have a feeling that we are watching the slow demise of the capitalist system. I for one welcome it and hope it will be replaced by something that values human needs before profit margins.

but humans love them profit margins

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