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ugh, circus peanuts...i loved those as a child...recently tried one and spat it out....what the fuck is that flavor even sposed to be???


Same here. I bought a pack a few years ago cuz I was like "I used to love those as a kid!" i spat it out and never trusted my inner child since!

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also, I used to eat a LOT of kraft mac n cheese, preferably the cartoon shaped ones, because they tasted better, and that's a fucking fact. it's been quite a few years since i've had kraft mac n cheese, but tonight might just be the night.

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ugh, circus peanuts...i loved those as a child...recently tried one and spat it out....what the fuck is that flavor even sposed to be???



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      anything food goes here
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      I'm going to Italy and Greece next week, so I'm grateful for the two years of French I took in high school that will inevitably come in useful not at all, and I know to not go to this place:
      Anywhere else I should be avoiding?
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      I'm curious...what is your favorite food complement to beer?

      I would think anything greasy and/or salty in general would do. But I'm curious about specific foods in your guys' experience. I'm hoping to get some suggestions and recommendations so I get ideas for this summer.
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      The girlfriend and I just made burritos with chicken, rice, cheese and shit tons of hot sauce. Each burrito weighing over a pound and my stomach is going to fucking explode. What are you guys/girls eating right now

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      serves two
      decent bunch of spring onions
      5-6 asparagus spears (not just the tips)
      couple of decent handfuls of frozen garden peas
      half a pack of dry fettuccine/linguine
      good few sprigs of fresh mint
      good few sprigs of fresh basil
      350g of smoked trout or mackerel
      pint of milk
      grated parmesan
      salt and pepper to season
      you'll need a hand blender.
      get a decent kettle of water on the boil.
      meanwhile roughly chop the spring onions, asparagus, and half the mint and basil. discard the bottom inch or so of the asparagus spears, which is woody and tough. leave the asparagus tips intact.
      get some oil on a medium heat in a decent pan with tall edges, and get the water into a pot and on the boil.
      fry the spring onions, add the asparagus after a minute, and then the milk, peas and the chopped mint and basil about two minutes later. season liberally with salt/pepper.
      now get the fettuccine cooking, it takes about 11 minutes. season the boiling water liberally with salt.
      add about two tablespoons of flour to the veg/milk mix, then stir, reduce to a low heat and simmer. use the hand blender to blend about a third of the veg into the sauce. it'll start to thicken up nicely. after a few minutes, add the flaked fish.
      when the pasta is done, strain it but save about half a cup of the starchy pasta water, and add that to the pan with the sauce. simmer for another minute or two. the starcy water will make it all silky and glossy and chef-y.
      mix the pasta and the sauce in a big bowl and garnish with the parmesan and the remaining mint and basil.
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