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i like it, some fresh ideas to what many consider to be a stale genre. i agree with that sentiment in some respects, but at the same time i think in the right hands, dnb can sustain and progress. maybe not under the dnb moniker, because unfortunately the way the capitalist oriented music industry is set up, you cant just make tunes, they have to be associated with a genre or something that can be marketed, and the sheer force of the market itself is enough to stomp out and make people ignore certain genres simply because they're old and "unmarketable", and won't increase their baseline profit. this is all tied into the "music journalists" and what they are paid to review and say in those reviews. scum.

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Very nice! I've been getting into super-melodic dnb lately (both listening and producing). Love the part at 2:30, I agree with Jonas though that the kick could be louder, at least in that last section..

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