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Antendex - Photons

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YouTube (album teaser):



Artist: Antendex (Budapest, Hungary)

Album: Photons

EAN/UPC: 4047253999633

Label: Force Intel / (Vertical.fm labels group)

Label website: http://www.forceintel.com

Release Details: http://vertical.fm/promo/255.htm


Tags: !k7 records, µ-Ziq, Abfahrt Hinwil, Access To Arasaka, AFX, alva noto, ambient, ambiental, ambiente, ametsub, Amon Tobin, analog, aoki takamasa, Aphex Twin, Apparat, Arovane, atmosphere, atmospheres, atmospheric, Autechre, beeps, Boards of Canada, Bogdan Raczynski, Bola, Boxcutter, bpitch control, Byetone, Chris Clark, clicks and cuts, Deru, echoes, edIT, Ellen Allien, Fennesz, Flying Lotus, Four Tet, frank bretschneider, Gescom, glitch, Gridlock, Hecq, Helios, idm, intelligent dance music, ISAN, Kangding Ray, Kettel, Kid606, kompakt records, LFO, Lukid, Lusine ICL, Machine Drum, Matmos, micro, mikro, mini, minimal, minimalism, minimalismus, minimalist, minimalistic, minimalistisch, Moderat, Modeselektor, Monolake, morr music, Mount Kimbie, Mouse on Mars, Mujuice, ninja tune, Ochre, Oval, pan sonic, Plaid, Pole, Polygon Window, Proem, raster noton, Richard Devine, Ryoji Ikeda, Secede, Seefeel, sine waves, snd, soundscape, soundscapes, Squarepusher, Telefon Tel Aviv, The Black Dog, The Flashbulb, The Future Sound, The Tuss, thrill jockey records, tim hecker, Tycho, Ulrich Schnauss, Venetian Snares, Vladislav Delay, Wagon Christ, warp records, Xploding Plastix, Эмбіент, אמביינט, موسیقی امبینت, ემბიენტი, エレクトロニカ, 氛围音乐, 環境音楽

Sounds like (similiar artists/bands): fsol...


[ Buy links ]

Amazon COM (mp3): http://j.mp/ia7VIv

Amazon DE (mp3): http://j.mp/hiYiH4

Amazon FR (mp3): http://j.mp/fOjnCC

Amazon JP (mp3): http://j.mp/ift2wY

Amazon UK (mp3): http://j.mp/gB1Uzx

Beatport (mp3): http://j.mp/hYG3CM

iTunes (mp3): http://j.mp/fNzejj


[ Description ]

A rare combination of analog melodies with glitch percussion. 100% minimalism.


Tags: ambient beeps echoes electronic idm minimal oldschool sine waves delay…


[ Tracklist ]

01 Quanta [Photons 1] [04:41]________>>Tip!<<

02 Modulation [Photons 2] [05:12]

03 Wave [Photons 3] [03:51]

04 Emission [Photons 4] [04:36]

05 Symmetry [Photons 5] [03:26]

06 Asteron [Diagram 1] [04:28]________>>Tip!<<

07 Amino [Diagram 2] [03:39]

08 Trett In [Diagram 3] [04:34]

09 Fremonol [Diagram 4] [03:43]

10 Interion [Onedion 1] [02:27]

11 Nanokrion [Onedion 2] [05:11]

12 Dronflex [Onedion 3] [03:54]

13 Nemonoix [Onedion 4] [02:54]

14 Quanta [Remix] [05:35]

15 Quanta - 20 seconds of each track album taster [04:34]


[ Tags ]

ambient, analog, beeps, chillout, delay, echoes, fsol, glitch, idm, minimal, sine waves, abstract, alva noto, analogue, click, cold, deep, digital, electronic, experimental, frank bretschneider, hungarian, hungary, microsound, pan sonic, richard chartier, sinus, sound art, still, taylor deupree, wave

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