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ADR - Solitary Pursuits


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From the Boomkat newsletter:


"Public Information is a new label run by two operatives involved with Warp and the British Library Sound Archive, with the stated aim of pursuing "A survey of electronics... noise... psych... industrial... house... dub... wyrd-pop... library... techno... art+design from the last seven decades..."


The first release on the label comes from Aaron David Ross (ADR), a Brooklyn-based multimedia artist best known as half of Fright/Merok's Gatekeeper. His sound has a lot of parallels with the Ghost Box label, a similar feel for wide-eyed yet pensive sci-fi wonderment and the sort of evocative vignettes only known to hunters of the choicest library wax. It nods to the kind of music you imagine Drexciya would have drawn inspiration from as a kid, subliminally seducing an entire generation who've grown up in front of the TV, creating a celluloid fantasy with some heartbreakingly evocative moments. We urge you to investigate...


Limited vinyl pressing, 300 copies only."

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Guest jasondonervan

I was swung in by the Bleep heads-up email, what with them writing irresponsible things like 'BOC does Vangelis'... that's a sure-fire way to open my wallet. Admittedly it doesn't actually sound quite like that, but it's a great release nonetheless. Good one Bleep for the insta-mp3s, they'll tide me over until the black stuff turns up.

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Guest blakeboogie

This is really rather good, glad I took a wild punt. Just ordered the Vinyl from bleep so it seems they have more stock in.

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Had a gamble and downloaded from bleep the other day. It was better than I expected and more Ghost Box-ey than I'd hoped for, but I didn't fancy splashing out £11+ on a 25 minute record. Looking forward to seeing how they follow this up.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I totally ignored this release until I heard Codex in the new Bleep podcast and decided to check it out. They are still streaming the whole album for free on Soundcloud.


Really cool '70s synth science lab sounds here. I wasn't interested in shelling out for a vinyl delivery at first either, but the more I listen to this, the more I want it for late afternoon listening in the living room.

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      Still a few tapes remaining on Bandcamp too.
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      major new o'rourke release! while it can be hard to keep up with the man's output, this one is essential
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      Hello watmm, I have purchased this album knowing very little about it.
      Seems quite good.
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      100 copies on white vinyl: kouhei_asmus_white.jpg
      Limited edition split 12" curated by Kouhei Matsunaga. Side A features two new tracks from the legendary
      German sound artist Asmus Tietchens. Side B features two new pieces from Kouhei Matsunaga. 500 copies. First
      100 copies are on color vinyl.
      Last summer Important released some highly praised records with Kouhei Matsunaga including a collaborative
      CD with Sean Booth (Autechre) and Mika Vainio (Pan Sonic), a split LP with Mika Vainio and a full length
      CD of his own solo work. The breath and quality of Kouhei's work was apparent across these three releases
      and his compositions for this split LP serve to create connections between his beat based work and his more
      abstract soundscapes. Kouhei's most recent solo work was just released by Skam.
      Asmus Tietchen's contributions to contemporary electronic music is immense. The two pieces making up his side
      of the record have been sculpted from stochastic sequences of pure sine waves as well as guitar samples given
      to him by Dirk Serries (Fear Falls Burning) not for the purpose of collaboration but for processing purposes.
      Sonic events orchestrated by a sonic master.
    • By Tauhid
      Ursula Bogner was born in Dortmund in 1946, earned a degree in pharmacy, moved to Berlin at the age of 19 and developed a keen interest in electronic music. Throughout her early twenties, she followed the activities of Cologne-based ‘Studio für elektronische Musik’, attended seminars by Studio founder Herbert Eimert, exhibited great enthusiasm for Musique Concrète and, later on, shared her children’s enthusiasm for British New Wave Pop. She bought some equipment and in the late 60's made numerous recordings to reel-to-reel tape which lay undiscovered by the outside world until a chance meeting with her son led Jan Jelinek to acquire the tapes a few years ago.
      However, since Jelinek's Faitiche imprint first brought Bogner's work to the world's attention 3 years ago, many have speculated that the whole thing was in fact an elaborate hoax and that the material was most likely made by Jelinek himself. Even after an exhibition in France earlier this year purporting to show drawings, sketches & photographs by Bogner, sceptics refused to accept the proclaimed provenance of the material.
      Regardless, Faitche now present this gorgeous new collection, available as a 16 track vinyl pressing, or as a special edition that includes a 16 track CD plus a 127 page book exploring the very issue of whether or not Bogner is the real deal or, in fact, part of a fine tradition of "Fake" art. The book also includes a series of reproductions of line drawings and notes made by Bogner, presumably offering more tangible evidence of her existence.
      The audio itself is intriguing, on 'Or Dor Melanor', 'Shepard Monde' and the title track, Broadcast and Stereolab immediately come to mind, while the eerie synthetic ramble of 'Trabant' sounds like the Ghost Box crew relocated from Belbury to Berlin. 'Signalfluss' and particularly 'Uranotypie' with its combo of droning, minimal electronics and Teutonic spoken voice, sound like vital cold wave (cold war?) artefacts, while the playful, impish quality of 'Der Chor Der Oktaven' and 'Permutationen' (before it lapses into a kind of slanted techno groove) invoke the BBC Radiophonic Workshop's John Baker and Delia Derbyshire. The album closes with a track called 'Liner Notes', a wonderfully earnest dissection (in English) of Bogner's methods - an excellent coda to a captivating listen.
      Whatever you want to believe, make no mistake, this is a truly delightful collection of primitive electronic music and quite simply a must for all dedicated electronic explorers. Whether this package is illustrative of Jelinek's commitment to working Bogner's legacy, or of the lengths he's willing to go to for the sake of this particular work of sonic fiction - he's worthy of high praise for feeding us this much food for thought, and a brilliant accompanying soundtrack to boot.
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