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Mashups. Good ones.

Guest disparaissant

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Wellllll, I mash stuff straight up from time to time. Here are some of the better ones...

- Snoop's "sensual seduction instrumental" + Roisin Murphy's "You know me better" = http://soundcloud.com/kinsiz/youknowmeseduction

- BoC's "Left side drive" + Björk's "Hyperballad" = http://soundcloud.com/kinsiz/leftsidehyperballad

- Helios + Dizzie rascal = http://soundcloud.com/kinsiz/heliosrascal-kinsiz-mash-up

- Lone's "Sea spray" + Lauryn hill's "Lost ones" = http://soundcloud.com/kinsiz/lostspray (sounds more off beat (in the beginning) than it is)

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You might not like the songs involved here, but the mash-up is fucking flawless:



(Jay-Z vs. Fatback band is better though, can't find a youtube for you)





There's a sweet Missy Elliot vs. Willi Bobo mash-up that needs ot be heard but I'm too lazy to up it lol.

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Guest Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald

Bumping thread after discovering this


As unlikely as the pair may be, Prince and Metallica just got the El-P mashup treatment. El-P had this to say about the track:

“I was asking people who follow me on Twitter about who the most anti downloading/digital music musicians were and we landed on Metallica (who I dont give a shit about) and Prince (who is one of my biggest influences). For fun, I put this thing together comprised of Metallica’s “Unforgiven Part 2″ and Prince’s “Purple Rain.”

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Kinda wrong. Kinda perfect. It's like taking a pile of shit and throwing it to the heavens.








all of this

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Guest unteleportedman

yas as heard on radio soulwax p. decent




Edited by unteleportedman
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