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Something like I Care Because You Do

Guest blsked

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Hi there,


can you recommend some albums that are similar to ICBYD? I like the dirtiness of the sounds and that they sound rather human than electric. Thanks in advance.



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In Pine Effect by u-ziq.


EDIT: Oh and anything by Leila Arab. My favourite album of hers is "Blood, Looms and Glooms" Obviously her music isn't exactly like RDJ's. She has singers on some tracks. But her production style is similar to the style on ICBYD

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Guest Kenneth172

TBH I prefer the old skool feel of ICBYD compared to the sterile cleanness of Drukqs. Just sounds more raw and abrasive. Would be good to hear summat similar from Aphex in the future. I'm guessing he won't backtrack though.

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