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MOVEMBER 2011!!!

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what do you have to do to raise money?

Make a Mo Space on Movember's official website and there should be a donation button. It's very simple and donors don't have to sign up.

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is this possible without the Facebook?


edit: sweet I think I may do it but I'm not starting from a clean shave, is that illegal?

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i think most people who donate aren't basing their donations on a set of rules. i think it's generally about trying to not get prostate cancer for anyones.

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rule 4: If you have a full beard, you can shave it leaving only a super moustache for the month.


come on essines you know you can raise a boatload with your grill + stache combo.

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do your thing. leave a yek camera shot on her phone and then join the squad, get slapped on the ass, high fived, cheered and we will go from there. there will be a slot open for you.



the real bonus is she won't recognize you from the post-coitus yek shot because your stache will be too awesome


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