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Problem with my interface.. Can anyone help?

Guest Hermann

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Guest Hermann

I have a problem with the interface I´m using, that it only records on one side, the left side. When I listen to it afterwards it´s only on the left speaker.

I´ve had this problem for a while and have tried fiddling with everything on the interface (it´s not because it´s on mono, i´ve tried both mono and stereo, both with the same problem).

The problem is not with the microphone either, because i´ve tried plugging a guitar straight into it and ... same problem.


If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.

I´m wondering if I should just take the interface to be looked at, that the problem might just be with the interface.



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Dry joint on the input socket probably..... Has it always done it ?

Try recording and waggling the jack in the socket (ooh-er), if it crackles in the right channel then it's probably a dodgy solder joint.

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Guest Hermann

oo er indeed


Waggling it around didn´t make any difference, but yeah you´re probably right about that, or something similar like that.


Thanks :)

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