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Tokyo Set To Blade Runner's Soundtrack

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      So with all of the streaming going on, I've been looking to up my video skills. I found a decent Max for Live video plugin that should work fairly well.
      Is there any way of getting video output from Ableton Live? Specifically, out of Live and into OBS?
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      what do u all use to watch your movies and shows?
      streaming services vs blu-rays? your computer vs blu-ray stand alone players plugged into a tv (what dimensions?)? stereo or 5.1?
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      Medium has an article on a Tokyo subway worker who creates amazing signs with duct tape: https://medium.com/@chrisgaul/tokyo-subways-humble-duct-tape-typographer-a8c84bb6b99b
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      Colossal shares some behind-the scenes making Meg Meyers' video for the Kate Bush song, "Running Up That Hill":
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