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NEWS FLASH: dates for Bloc.2012

Guest BLOCwknd

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Guest BLOCwknd

Hi dudes :)


Two massive gigs for ya and a quick announcement


25th November in Bristol, feat. Joker, Martyn, James Holden and many more...


New Year's Eve 2012 in London, featuring Laurent Garnier, Mount Kimbie, Horse Meat Disco and many more...


and one for the diary - dates for Bloc 2012 will be 6th and 7th July - we're at a mindblowing new UK venue and will be announcing details very, very soon ;)


check www.blocweekend.com to get yourself on the priority list :)


25/11/11 - Bloc @ In:Motion, feat. Joker, Martyn, James Holden and many more



tickets here: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?285373




31/12/11 - Bloc @ Eastern Electrics, feat. Laurent Garnier, Mt. Kimbie and many more



tickets here: http://theransomnote.co.uk/ticket/eastern-electrics-nye-2011/17/

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sorry, gotta say it - cutting BLOC down to only 2 days doesn't sound like you're expanding. also, BLOC was hot enough in the music areas during March. It's gonna be fucking roasting in July.


will not be attending. and it's a shame, because the past 2 years have been awesome, and BLOC was my first festival.

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I wonder what you guys mean by "roasting". My definition of hot in July is 35-38 C with 55-65% humidity. This past summer was well over 40 for most of the month. I only ask because sometimes I like to get this ridiculous fantasy that I'll actually go to a BLOC or Glade sometime. They always say "if you put your mind to it" but hardly anyone ever says "if you put your bank account to it" because you could not say it without looking like so


summers in the UK, for the past 10 years or so, have been quite unbearable for me personally. if it gets around 26°C it is too hot for me. I've no idea what the percentage of humidity is here, but it gets pretty fucking humid.


and as impakt said, BLOC has been indoors for the past 5 years. UK summer + about 5000 sweaty dancing twats in close vicinity, indoors = NO FANX

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Fuck july.



will need to see the venue/have gods given amazing hellblown lineup that has to be attended quite frankly!


Fewer days, the price has gone UP?!?!?!?!?, it's moved back into July which is rubbish since now that leaves March time of the year vacant. No thanks Bloc, bad move.


Sad since I had a cracking time at Butlins/will always cherish the memories, other people will now not have the same opportunity for a similar experience I don't think :(

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There is such a thing as air conditioning, it's not like all the people who go to clubs in the Summer never come out again because they've died of heat exhaustion


Too much negativity in this thread, change isn't always bad- if you like Bloc that much, then give them trust and respect to do it right.

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Guest wu kitty

it was cool having it in march, nothing that good that big early on in the year, i'll still be checking out any bloc updates as every time at minehead has been unreal fun

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The good thing about bloc / bangface weekender was the fact that they were held in March when fuck all else happens. Now its basically just a normal festival and will be vying for punters when there is so much else going on too....


Its probably dearer because there is more demand for services in July (Security / toilets / artists / staff etc...)


But good luck to them - looking forward to hearing more details and being proved wrong!

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Played a better set in Dublin last June or whatever.

That was indeed a fucking belter


I'll never forget the opening tune at BLOC though, or the Eyes Wide Shut techno mix ;), or the Work Them interlude section with no drums that then mixed into Ecstasy Jam City Refix - it was good fun :)


that Dublin set was pretty magic though, no doubt about that! ;) until next time!

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