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Orbital - Free download + tour + new album announced

Guest Loopz

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i actually LOVE this new track. it's far more spot-on Orbital sounding than the 2-track single they did a few months back (to my ears, anyway.)


this has the emotive melodics that i love about orbital. just makes me very happy.



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If I wasn't told this is Orbital, I would have never guessed it. It doesn't even sound like someone trying to sound like Orbital. I think the same could be said for about half of the Blue Album and most of The Altogether, so I guess my concept of what sounds like Orbital is going to have to change if they keep going.

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for me, 90s orbital was a mixture of naive happiness and simplicity contrasted by something more melancholic and souly. easy and powerful at the same time, i loved it.

post-99, it slowly changed. perhaps it was me getting older. some of the new tracks still had that magic, but quite often it started to feel formulaic, too rational. something was missing.

"never" is a good production, no doubt. but, for me, the soul is gone. its a bit like bald adults trying to revive feelings long gone.

i dont mean to be rude, im just honest. i wouldnt have posted this if i didnt have respect for your discography. :mellow:

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