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Spooky music from last year


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The following is a true story & any resemblance to The Aphex Twin is an unfortunate coincidence


Last October I tried to master Polyphasic Sleeping. You know, that thing where you take strategically timed naps so you only sleep two hours a day total. It was great at first - 22 hours available, witnessing days flow into one another, playing guitar in the road at 3AM. I made shit tons of tracks.


But then things got weird. I started seeing things out of the corner of my eye wherever I went. I couldn't form coherent thoughts. And the tracks got increasingly nonsensical.


After a few weeks I caved & ended up sleeping 17 hours straight. I reviewed what I had made over the course of that month & decided it was unfit for human minds & would thus never see the light of day.


Until now.





So yeah, these aren't really mastered right or edited or in any logical order but they're kinda fun.

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Thanks. I was originally going to leave out the completely ridiculous ones like Bone Tones but then I decided to fire them on there anyway because I haven't published any proper noise music since I was 17.


Probably I'll take a few of the normaller sounding tracks on this, clean them up, combine them with other stuff I've done in the last year (IDM compilation track, Bleep Filtered entries, etc.) & make a proper album out of it at the end of the year.

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Thanks guys!


Anyways, this is pretty much the rough draft of my next album (even though all of the tracks were from 2010 some of these cuts were radically altered since then). I've taken some stuff out, put some other stuff in (it's pretty much all stuff I've had up on my SC at some point, but now in SUPA HIDEFINITION AUDIO), will be putting it out as soon as I get more covers painted & maybe do a music video.

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^ERROR! Is one of those tracks I did when I was a sleep deprived zombie that I went back to later & was unable to successfully recreate the patch, so all I had to go with was the original 30 second mp3.


I like to think of it as something you'd loop in your car late at night when you go to pick up hitchhikers.

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The album, she's out






Physical copies - $3 ($5 for one with a CD included, but you can just download the lossless music for free anyway). Currently available in the following colours:





PM me with choice if interested (you can also choose to get one of the 16 floppies that make up the main cover)


Thanks goes out to Shea McGilvray for the synth design on track 9 - if you want a free copy let me know! Or wait until I'm big & sue me for billions

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"Woodsong" is genius.

That one was sort of unplanned. I had recorded an acoustic guitar riff I did with the intention of chopping it up into individual notes, but then it just so happened that the first section I randomly set my sampler too matched the tempo just right & formed that main bassline. Everything else just sort of came together over the next few minutes

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^I actually was thinking about trying polyphasic sleep again back last month, which is what got me relistening to this big batch of tracks in the first place. Decades of international medical research be damned, Imma learn how to sleep 90 minutes a day


Either that or try to write tracks while skydiving.

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