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Hi chaps,


It's nearly Halloween, the only annual holiday that I consider worth celebrating. Let me explain:


I don't dress up. I don't trick or treat. I don't go to parties...


But since I was very young, I've always enjoyed ghost stories, horror films, anything a bit spooky or weird. And that's why I love Halloween - because it's a big campy excuse to celebrate everything spooky.


I might settle in with a few of the ghost stories I loved as a boy. I'll certainly be watching a couple of gory horror films with my friends and loved ones. And today, I've been listening to some of my favourite spooky tunes.


So in that spirit, (lol,) I'd like to invite you all to post your favourite spooky tunes. Maybe you've got a theremin instrumental that'll set my hair on end. Perhaps you're into camp horror punk stuff like the Misfits or the Cramps. Or you might just know a bloody good song about a ghost.


But whatever you're into, won't you join me?


Here are some great spooky songs: BooooOOOOOooooo!!!



This song is from Ariel Pink's last album. It's about ghosts and it has a catchy synth hook.



This song is from a garage rock revival band from the 80s and it's a cover of a Screaming Lord Sutch song. It's about a monster. Fun fact: Screaming Lord Sutch committed suicide, so now it's very likely that he is a ghost.



This excellent, Joe Meek-produced track was a UK #1 in 1961. It was covered well by the psychobilly band The Meteors, but the original has a lot of charm. It's about a ghost.



Another Joe Meek production from 1961, this instrumental track was banned by the BBC for being "unsuitable for people of a nervous disposition!" Joe Meek fact: ever a fan of the occult, Joe Meek would spend hours in cemeteries trying to record ghosts. As a suicide, he is now likely to be a ghost himself.



One of my girlfriend's favourite songs, this track reminds us all that Danzig wasn't always just a lunkheaded conservative guido-goth douche. At one point, he could sing quite well too.


That's all for now - but why not post some of your favourite spooky tracks in the space provided below?

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scares the living shit out of me



yeah, this does something funny to me. it doesn't have a chilling effect like most creepy horror stuff but more of an intense disgust like that inspired by body horror movies or something.


at the same time it's hilarious what they've done to a much-loved 80s pop song


well, it was deliberate. sleazy talked about it being played in gay clubs and everyone would kinda stop and look uneasy. the spectre of AIDS hangs over it, very intentionally. and that song predates the 80s!

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Just got to say that there was a lot more to Soft Cell than just their Tainted Love cover, they made some fucking great records and were a lot darker and more complex than they might have first appeared. Plus I believe they even grew to hate Tainted Love and get sick of it themselves after a while, iirc. Never checked them out when they reformed though.

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