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Generating visuals with Processing

Guest yanG

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Hi there,


I'm currently learning to create visuals dynamically with music, here is one of my first sketches, it's a Java applet so you need to have Java installed for your browser... It takes a while to load cause I didn't want to encode the mp3 @96kbps...




To use the keyboard controls you'll have to click the applet first.


Just wanted to share :)

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Guest Saraband

Have to update my java plugin but will definitely be looking forward to seeing this one as I am a painter and a graphic artist aswell

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Hey man, have you tried VVVV ( http://vvvv.org/ ) - It might be right up your street !


I'm in the process of learning it myself but I'm struggling to find a really decent tutorial (the supplied one only seems to take me as far as plotting some crosses on the screen). This was the video that inspired me to start learning it :



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Yeah it's non-realtime rendered (I suspect mainly due to the detail of the raytracing) but it is generated dynamically from the music as per your original intentions, and when 'puters are more powerful in the future could indeed be a realtime produced. Interestingly I notice he's now removed the grab from vvvv in what was used to generate the visuals (though is still on image shack):



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Man I remeber back in the day we had to kick it old school with the OpenGL or Glide API in Visual C++ 6.


12 miles uphill in the snow

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