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Prefuse 73 & Zola Jesus - Prefuse 73 & Zola Jesus Support Finders Keepers: Make Do & Mend 5


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troon I miss your posts where you would put a picture and album info in the post instead of just a link.

i wish there were more time for that. maybe we'll have the time to post these kinds of details again in 2012, assuming watmm shows it's appreciation. we've got a lot of sound to cover

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I really enjoyed this CD. The selection on this is great while the little weak point at this serie is that there isn't much new on them. After starting the serie I was first thinking about a subscription but ending up grabbing the Demdike Stare and Zola/Pre73 CD on a local store.

Demdike provided 2 remixes and a new track and Pre73 has done a little special as well. All other only feature one track which could have been more but maybe is not the point the releases are about.


Nethertheless I hope that FK is getting enough money from it to put out some of the goodies burned in the sony warehouse. They are a truly inspiration soundwise.

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