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More Halloween mix 2011

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Man this really brought down my mood - but I guess it was supposed to! It's good now that I'm aware of it, quite dark stuff.

Is that a sample from The Mothman Prophecies towards the end?


And it took me a while to figure out that track after it is by Biosphere. I know it, but I assumed it was Akira Yamaoka, sounds very similar except for the percussion stuff. But it's got the same mood as the Silent Hill soundtracks.


Mix was good, nice transitions (as in, barely noticeable, if at all) - probably wouldn't play it at my Halloween party unless I want people to become depressed ... which I might. :flower:

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Thank you for your comment.


This mix was supposed to bring a dark ambience for this particular day, day of the deaths. But some tracks are too "happy " for that.


I mixed this kind of stuff saturday night the 5th, in Trinitaires at Metz (France) and it doesn't seem to hurst or disturb anyone.


Track before Biosphere is Burial.

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