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Aphex: All Night at Tandem Bar Brooklyn this Friday

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Hey y'all

The bar I work at is having an all Aphex Twin night in our backroom from 10pm

I'm going to be spinning all " IDMz and Braindance " warp/rephlex/mu et al

from 6-10.

It's free. There will be drink specials.


Here's the flyer:



and here's the facebook page:



come out and say hey!

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how many "aphex twin parties" have i seen this year? this has to be the third or fourth. i think aphex twin is too popular for me now. sucks.

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I think this looks like a good night! I'd love to attend if it were practical..


also, DJ hardcode needs a :cisfor:

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Holy toledo. Didn't finish the night, since I did a five hour set and stayed for another 4, but the aphex steez in teh backroom is off the chain. If you made it you get it. if not, well fuck you missed out. GREAT night.


NY peeps. Tandem!!! if the Wattmm Batlight goes up you NEED TO BE THERE. Forills! spd? right?

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