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DOOM Interview / Red Bull Music Academy

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wha wha wha!? I don't think I've seen him interviewed IRL besides some quick backstage vids and that Adult Swim Christmas hosting gig he did years ago


oh an nice sweater Doom, he should put of metal face sweaters since the musical output is so limited and slow

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yes, the interviewer is very knowledgeable, and the audience members ask great questions too!


I think they got rid of the guy who did the shitty, awkward μ-Ziq one from years back. I've always liked this guy, he does all of the hip-hop interviews.

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starts slowly but he gits going later


was thinking about this thing more, and hmm.. he put up very well with the generic questioning and red bullsht. tis a true pleasure to listen to the man when he's keen.

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Guest ex-voto



starts slowly but he gits going later


was thinking about this thing more, and hmm.. he put up very well with the generic questioning and red bullsht. tis a true pleasure to listen to the man when he's keen.



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