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Icarus - Fake Fish Distribution

Soloman Tump

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Artist: Icarus

Album: Fake Fish Distribution

Release Date: January 30th 2012

Format: Unique Digital Download

Label: Not Applicable

Catalogue Number: NOT022


Icarus' forthcoming album, Fake Fish Distribution (FFD), their 9th in all, uses generative and parametric techniques to create a musical work that draws on the increasingly fruitful relationship between contemporary electronic music, algorithmic software processes and designed variation.



FFD was composed using normal electronic music production tools and uses the normal medium of music distribution — the media file download — but comes in the form of a vast array of structured variations on the album's musical content, feeding unique versions to each unique listener. FFD reinvigorates our understanding of what it means to own a 'copy' of something, in an age where the contents of our music collections are not even distinct objects, but clones of the exact same bits that belong elsewhere to others. You give somebody your phone number, not a 'copy' of your phone number; how can you experience ownership of this stuff except in a logical, legal manner, that old fashioned sense of ownership, going beyond the rights associated with its use? The motivation behind FFD is to think of how copies of something can be regain that distinction that is grounded in an individualised relationship to an entity, a relationship that is lost in the age of network-distributed music.





Fuck and Yeah.



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Guest thrones



this album has been released!

Been looking forward to it. interesting idea. i wonder how they different versions differ?

i tweet the birdy electric by icarus is brilliant. sort of snoozed on getting any of their other works for some reason...until now.


seems like they are only offering 320k mp3s and @ 12GBP it seems a bit steep hey?

apparently there will be a physical release - (will they listen to all 1000 versions to find the best one? lol)


if you retweet this tweet they will give you 4gbp off.



proof: https://twitter.com/#!/birdy_electric/status/166294134271905792

expires in ~11hours

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Looking forward to giving it a listen...


And I personally do not think that £12 is much money given the amount of time/effort that has gone into the project. If you followed the blog over the past year, its been quite interesting....

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