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verdict and decision

Guest nsixqatsi

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Guest nsixqatsi




i have been having ear issues and other anxieties that make me want to sell/get rid of all the gear(subpar) i have and fully quit playing with music.



i decided to do one last quick session of playing around.




is there any value inherent in this? my ears are partially broken.



ditching the whole endeavor would be get a annoying monkey off my back, and give a little cash.



:cisfor::shrug::cerious::cisfor: :cisfor: :cisfor: :cisfor: :cisfor: :cisfor:

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Track sounds interesting to me, like some sort of ambient acid thing. Nice sound textures. Recording is a bit fuzzy, methinks.


Personally I think money & the opinions of other shouldn't be the deciding factors on whether or not you quit doing music. It should be "is this something I legitimately get enjoyment out of?". Course, you can sell all your gear & still make music. And in any case you can definitely make it without wrecking your ears, unless you have some sort of crap ears.

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Guest nsixqatsi

thanks for the feedback



the deal with my ears is i seem to have developed a tendency towards http://en.wikipedia....iki/Hyperacusis and tinnitus.



it comes and goes though. sometimes it's helped even by me playing around, sometimes it goes away completely when i've left my gear alone for a longer time.



i have other creative pursuits that seem more potentially rewarding and seem like they could benefit from being more focused.



my everyday sonic landscape feels definitively diminished because of what i've done while pursuing music. but also having the ability to play with samples and effects while not sitting at a computer is satisfying in a powerful way.



i feel like getting rid of my gear would probably bring about certain feelings of regret occasionally. but at the same time i think i might feel a lot freer in other ways that might be more important.



i released a tape once: http://noisearchive.org/


scroll down until you see nnu3yana2.jpghttp://noisearchive.org/uploads/_DarbolisticRex/_zips/(055)Nnu3YanaSplit(DarbolisticRex)tape.zip





looking at ebay now i could probably get between $600 and $900 back from selling this stuff.


so is the satisfying part of the experience of fiddling with, and owning this stuff in the future worth more than that?


and if so, is that satisfaction more of a distraction to my life or is it beneficial and necessary.



i cant decide :cerious:

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