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Japanese Electronic Music


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I'm no Japanophile, but there's just something so unique about a lot of Japanese electronic music, and I am just never able to find enough of it.

Post sum trax plz.






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Guest futuregirlfriend



RIP. His album "Human is Music" with a member of Tenniscoats and a member of Maher Shalal Hash Baz under the name Cacoy is really worth checking out.


Here's a loud recording of one of its tracks







shit, apparently Rei Harakami died too this summer.




Can't find any hyu videos on youtube but his two albums on Childisc are 10/10


Cornelius produced this album released earlier this year, probably not what you're after but it's quite impressive



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Love Ken Ishii, first thing I thought of when I read the thread title






World's End Girlfriend is quite interesting, saw him open for Mono years and years ago. His disography is kinda overwhelming, but I liked Dream's End Come True a lot, so it's probably a good starting point.

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if you want to find out where Katamari music was invented



This release is a perfect example of an album that will never in a million years get the attention it deserves. An unfortunate circumstance for a talented artist like Hyu, and certainly unfortunate for anyone else who falls into the same boat. Random Walker's Delight is a ridiculous blast from start to finish, where technical sound expertise meets a dizzying array of pop-electronica, experimental ambience and glitchy IDM, just to name a few. And yet, it manages to sound nothing like these things. It understands it's reference points and completely disregards them and their standard conventions, something that is admirable in many Japanese musicians. Hyu's previous album hinted at these qualities, but it wasnt until this album that they were executed perfectly, with unbelievable results. So while the rest of the electronic world is hung up on ridiculous trends, self actualized irony, and a false understanding of what they think is innovative, truly great and unique artists like Hyu will get routinely ignored.
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Some great posts here. I had no idea that Joseph Nothing was Japanese, but it definitely does make sense that he would be.

Checking out Hyu immediately.

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Guest Hermann


shit, apparently Rei Harakami died too this summer.



Yeah, I only just found out a few weeks ago and now it was last year.. It´s creepy when you can pretty much almost remember too what you were doing exactly that day when someone dies..


A favourite of mine by him:



Also, how can this thread go so far without mentioning the soundtracks of anime? ;)

(Maybe it already has, I haven´t read it all yet..

One of my absolute favourites would have to be the Death Note soundtrack, written by Yoshihisa Hirano and Hideki Taniuchi.

Not all of it is electronic, but there are some really great electronic ones on it. (Though this soundtrack is a bit like electronica fused post-rock with some dramatic orchestral pieces mixed in.



And of course, Ryuichi Sakamoto and his yellow magic orchestra cannot go unmentioned either. He realeased a pretty cool ambient album recently, out of noise... Recently... Jeez no it was what, 2009?

That guy is overdue another sharing of his geniuosity!

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Guest zaphod






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