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Mike Tyson is Cain


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can we turn this into a boxing thread?


I've been watching Roy Jones Jr. highlights all day instead of working on papers.

Goddamned when he was good he was fucking good!




And Mayweather just needs to step up and fight fucking Pacquiao already.



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Not sure - Mayweather said he wanted to fight "the little fella". Bob Arum says that means Morales. Mayweather has some domestic violence case or something to deal with...and will he ask Pacquiao to do more irregular drug tests? I think it'll probably come off though - both fighters are in their prime, they'd be stupid to pass up the cash.


Pacquiao - Marquez tomorrow though! First two fights were good shit. Wish I could afford the PPV....might have to go to a bar...wish I could afford to go to a bar lol...

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Mayweather is a real good technical boxer though. But I think Pacquiao has gotten better over the last couple of years (he can box with both hands now), and he hits way harder than Mayweather. But at least Mayweather's face won't look like Margarito's after Pacquiao destroyed him.


The Mayweather family has not acted classy in all this.

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