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And why not. I think we need a Drexciya thread pinned in GB as this music is the music that all need to hear. If you don't know Drexciya then you probably only like Ganjasufi and Grizzly Bear so fuck you.


I'm listening to Triangular Hydrogen and my dick is rock hard.


ROCK HARD. Amazing music.

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I have not heard any Drexciya, but I have heard about them an awful lot. I have 'The Other People Place' album on Warp which was James Stinson's solo project and enjoyed it...


What would be the best place to start? I've heard their stuff can be hard to find so preferably something that isn't an obscure vinyl-only EP from 1992 (at least until I go crazy for them and need to collect everything).

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I just recently got in to Drexciya. I've been listening mostly to the early very dancable stuff and I'm loving it. The hook on wavejumper or the bassline on journey home could have fit right in on any tri repetae track (or the other way around).

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