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Guest RadarJammer

1 cup hemp/rice milk, 1 medium banana, 1/4 cup instant oatmeal flakes and a couple huge spoons of almond butter all blended to hell and back then chilled in the refrigerator for a bit.

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1 cup hemp/rice milk, 1 medium banana, 1/4 cup instant oatmeal flakes and a couple huge spoons of almond butter all blended to hell and back then chilled in the refrigerator for a bit.


Now this I like the sound of.

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veg sandwich:



1 eggplant


2 zucchini


6 large mushrooms


2 sandwich rolls


2 packages of grape or cherry tomatoes


2 cloves garlic


2 large sweet onions


1 TBSP of coconut butter


olive oil


salt and pepper


1/4 cup olive oil mayo


balsamic vinegar

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the key to a good dish is not number of ingredients, it's the quality of them.


try a pasta salad with fresh fusilli (it's ok to shop-buy it as long as it's fresh!), extra virgin olive oil, fresh lemon juice, fresh cracked black pepper and good kosher sea salt, and roughly torn basil (just buy a basil plant in a pot - same price as the herb more or less in good supermarkets). maybe some roasted pine nuts - or sunflower or pumpkin seeds if you can't get pine - in there too.


don't use milk in omelette or scrambled eggs - this is a crappy tradition inherited from when eggs were in short supply - try an omelette using eggs and creme fraiche as a base, with just a mix of two cheeses (say, parmesan and cheddar) along with prosciutto, some diced field mushrooms, and red onion. add the cheddar over the omelette base, then sautee the prosciutto and mushrooms for just a minute in another pan. then sprinkle fresh grated parmesan over the lot and fold the egg over the top.


don't boil the shit out of anything. for professional-looking gravy, strain it.


don't think number of ingredients, think quality of ingredients and how you treat them.

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my mom makes these baked egg dealies in muffin tins that are just breadcrumb base, an egg and some mushroom soup. bake em, serve them on toast with some of the extra mushroom soup as a sauce. simple and lame but fucking awesome! but i love mushrooms/mushroom soup.

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coconut milkshake:



1 thai coconut with coconut water


1 cup spring water


1/4 cup cashews


1 frozen banana


generous amounts of nutmeg


generous amounts of vanilla


sweeten to taste

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Those burgers look great but I always have a problem with huge burgers. Seriously why do they make them so big? It's mostly the height that causes problems for me. Maybe I'm just used to shitty fast food burgers..

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Here's a recipe for some pretty fucking epic mac and cheese me and my gf came up with. Probably not the best for you but god damnit it's delicious!

1 Velveeta Family Size Shells Mac & Cheese kit

1 Red Bell Pepper

1 Package of Bacon (splash some beer in the pan for extra awesome, I used Shiner Bock)

1 Bag of Asiago Shredded Cheese

Gratuitous amounts of Tobasco sauce

...Add more milk as needed

Serve in a bowl and crush a handful of Flaming Hot Cheetos on top!

Enjoy that spicy cheesy awesomeness!...Serves (3-5)

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although you shouldn't have to.


at the very most, fifty dollars will get you an excellent knife unless you're a professional sushi chef or something.

also fuck ceramic knives, they dull too easy. get you one good carbon steel knife. you'll never look back.

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I've got my one good knife that i use for everything. It was expensive when it was purchased about 50 years ago. My grandpa gave it to me and holy motherfucking shit does it destroy. it will julienne any knife of lesser worth. i swear by this thing. it is what i would use to do an emergency appendectomy or stab the asshole who is threatening my children. best. ever.

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Guest nene multiple assgasms

I recently learned about hot dr pepper. you heat up dr pepper to 180 degrees fahrenheit in a saucepan. I'm waiting for the weather to turn cold again to try it.

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    • By kaini
      serves two
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      couple of decent handfuls of frozen garden peas
      half a pack of dry fettuccine/linguine
      good few sprigs of fresh mint
      good few sprigs of fresh basil
      350g of smoked trout or mackerel
      pint of milk
      grated parmesan
      salt and pepper to season
      you'll need a hand blender.
      get a decent kettle of water on the boil.
      meanwhile roughly chop the spring onions, asparagus, and half the mint and basil. discard the bottom inch or so of the asparagus spears, which is woody and tough. leave the asparagus tips intact.
      get some oil on a medium heat in a decent pan with tall edges, and get the water into a pot and on the boil.
      fry the spring onions, add the asparagus after a minute, and then the milk, peas and the chopped mint and basil about two minutes later. season liberally with salt/pepper.
      now get the fettuccine cooking, it takes about 11 minutes. season the boiling water liberally with salt.
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      when the pasta is done, strain it but save about half a cup of the starchy pasta water, and add that to the pan with the sauce. simmer for another minute or two. the starcy water will make it all silky and glossy and chef-y.
      mix the pasta and the sauce in a big bowl and garnish with the parmesan and the remaining mint and basil.
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