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I dare you to read this whole comic

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    • By Chris Toffer
      New release by ghostwerk.. out now. Self released goodness. Real nice music. Chill beats. This guy knows how to make mean tunes

      Fav track atm - Charlotte. Pro 80's vibes
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    • By Mr12000
      David Peck - "ACTUALLY"

    • By Mr12000
      [soulja Boy Feat Lil B - "Swag OD"] OH FUCK
      Lorn - “The Gun” X A$AP Rocky - “Wussup”
      David Peck - “ACTUALLY” X SpaceGhostPurrp - “GXT YVH HXVD BVZT”
      AraabMUZIK - “Love Me In The Hood” X Jeremiah Jae - “Seasons”
      Djemba Djemba - “Is U Rollin?” [Gucci Mane Remix]
      Main Attraktionz - “Swaggin Hard” X Teebs - “Pretty Polly” X Nicki Minaj - “Beez In The Trap” X RiFF RaFF - “Versace Python Freestyle”
      Joker & Ginz - “Purple City” X Waka Flocka Flame - “Hard In The Paint”
      Matthewdavid - “Pendant (Remix for Dynoo)” X Kool Kieth [from 7L & Esoteric - "Daisycutta"]
      David Peck - “PRTYDWN” Eccojam
    • By Cryptowen
      Post good smalltime artists and/or albums and/or songs you've found trawling the depths. Can be from WATMM or other forums or local bands or wherever. RULES
      1. don't post your own tracks (duh)
      2. don't post all of your 9 bajillion SC friends. Be choosy, tryta limit to 3 peeps per post or sumtin
      3. give description or comment so we know what we're getting into
      So here's some shit
      funky drums & vinyl sampling. Sorta glides around halfway between a beats album & straight instrumental downtempo. Feels like DOOM could step in at any moment
      lofi pop rock with catchy hooks & song lengths generally under 2 minutes

      newish Transmuteo demo. I'm digging the direction he seems to be going. Still can't tell if the new age angle is for serious or not
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