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The voices all work together really well for the most part, but the melody doesn't quite fit for me. I really like the sort of wild jumping mono 'acid' synth usually, this one is maybe just too extreme for me. It doesn't quite seem to work.


I like the use of voice sampling, it's all top notch and fits quite well. I like the way you introduced the bass at 1:42, but the bass voice itself is a little thin for my taste.


The atmosphere is really great in this, the chaos of the speech and the slow constant building of the synths is effective.

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the bass voice itself is a little thin for my taste.




Yeah, I would definitely set out to make a heavier bass. Also the synth lead with tons of delay and reverb kinda steals all the attention. I would like for this to be more staccato and have the lead with all the delay and reverb work more as a dub chord that only pops up every now and then with different cutoff variations. Actually, I think I would just like this a lot more if it was more simple. The production is great though. Can't put a finger on it :)

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