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Daft Punk, new album or hoax or summit


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Previews are here : http://www.electroit...-album-preview/


The rumors about Daft Punk these days are literally touching the limit of human endurance. Tour, album, website and so on and so forth! Recently I read the post on The Daft Club, regarding a contract made by Daft Punk, Virgin Records and a few days ago appeared always on the same forum, a thread to the interesting

Hey guys and girls = 3


My name's Emma, ​​I'm 19 and i live in London UK!


My dad works at Virgin Records in the UK and has access to the servers on Their Computers.He Came home Friday night with a USB stick, i use it from time to time for my files for Uni. I Had to put some photos from my computer to my dads so i used His USB on Sunday. When I know i did, i found something interesting ...


I found a file on the USB titled 'Daft Punk - Sky Dive (2012) (Previews Promo)'


I am really excited so i thought i would share the files! I do not want my dad to get in trouble I know I'm not naming HIM or myself. I'm not a huge DP fan, but hope this means-something to you guys? Not sure if this has-been released before? Perhaps this is nothing special.



Ernie x

I think you understand easily that the father of the girl who wrote this thread, works at Virgin Records and has "accidentally" a certain folder in the USB stick that later, her daughter has used for any purpose "personal". So having learned all alone now, I dived on the link provided by this "Emma" and to my astonishment, I found within the 3 alleged traces of the new album of Daft Punk:


Sky Dive


I remember once that there is no confirmation about this elusive album, although there was talk of this for a long time contract with Virgin Records. Now, we add the fact that the site of Daft Punk is "apparently offline" and according to the latest rumors should update November 20, reaches the conclusion that something big is in the works and coming out!


In this folder there are 3 tracks: LCD (LED), Taking Control and Waiting Line (feat MR.Oizo). The latter name in particular is very interesting because, after countless plays, you can 'recognize his magic touch.

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