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Free Album: Refund - Gravity bomb

Guest Refund

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Hello there,


I make IDM'ish music, you might even like it! Here's a free album.







01. Gravitybomb 03:10

02. Density 04:21

03. Paperclip 02:15

04. Zero Crossing 03:17

05. Puzzlefight 04:44

06. Violet 03:17

07. Aztech 01:36

08. Ostinato 01:33

09. Ganymede 03:05

10. Marble 02:27

11. Tile Maze 03:26

12. Bricks 01:54

13. Arch 03:42


A quirky album that weaves through Idm, Melodic Gabba, and Ambient, it's been lovingly crafted over approximately 3 months.


There's lots of odd time signatures, nifty genre transitions and other surprises in store.


This music was made to be played at gigs in Melbourne's "interesting-electronic-music" scene, so it's intended to be dancey but not monotonous.


There's two other albums on there as well, let me know what you think.



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Thank you!


I never know when I'm going too 'angular' with my melodies and it'll just end up going over people's heads, and that's one I was worried about.

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