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Anyone know of a good website that has all the classic breaks available to download? Format is not that important, just that they're relatively high quality. I'm looking to have good copies of all the classics...Think, Amen, Funky Drummer, Tighten Up, Apache, Skull Snap, etc etc etc.


Help is appreciated!

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Thanks for the Rhythm Lab link, looks like exactly what I need.


Seems kind of silly to pay anyone for a break collection when all the breaks are copyright infringement that has become an unspoken public domain over the last 30 years.

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thanks a lot for these, acid1!


a question: what's a good software to make drill 'n bass?


Microsoft Word.


You have to do insert -> media which allows you to open one of these wave files into the document. It becomes a little speaker icon. Next all you have to do is click on the speaker icons in the order you want.



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Dear Brian,


if you want to use nazi software and you don't mind a level of fagness and a crap gui:


1) ableton, offers automated slicing, unfortunatly good timestreching

check out ryan's thread about this.

disadvantage: you want that one thing but you have to deal with all the other bullshit



2) reason with the rex slicer (do one thing deal with all the other bullshit)

3) liveslice (vst plugin, played with it for 1 hour, not bad, pc only)

4) fruityloops has a beat slicer that is supposed to be very good (never used)

5) renoise (you need to like trackers, entering numbers for me feels not so good,man)

6) intakt (old vst, can be a bit buggy, can behave strange,will not run everywhere)

7) kontakt (forget about this)

8) any simple sampler with multioutput (battery, vst, no timestreching, you will have to do math, lots of extrawork)

9) any daw with audioediting

10) ask yourself one question: what would squerepusher do


your sincerely


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erm, i'm being serious there. i'd like to try myself at breakbeat. what's a good and simple software or plug-in to chop bits of samples and sequence them in any possible way?

K, my apologies, considering I linked it from a renoise forum, which is notorious for being the DAW that V Snares uses, I figured you were mocking drill and bass.


I'd be surprised if whatever DAW you were using did not have the ability to chop up samples and resequence them, unless of course you are using all outboard gear which doesn't include a sampler.


A lot of it depends on how you want to make it. Do you want to meticulously enter in data or do you want to play it out by hand?

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