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Quick? Can someone id this song?


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    • By dudenorth
      Lets have it!
      looks like some syrobonkers type material
      Partial tracklist and title below:

    • By Joyrex
      This is kinda creepy: https://soranews24.com/2020/08/08/flight-that-crashed-in-1985-spotted-landing-in-narita-airport-35-years-later/
    • By auxien
      surprised no one's posted about this. just listened through a couple tracks and skimmed through some others, this is pretty cool stuff at first glance. very, very in that glitchy/FM sorta world. as much love as Gabor Lazar, William Fields, and Rian Treanor's getting the last year or two around here this should be right up in that space imo. sorta goes without saying but also has a lot of that LP5/Cichli Suite/Gantz Graf/Untilted type of very digital-era AE sound. unique though, at least on first listen, artist is definitely taking that track to their own place. cover art is pretty nice too.

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