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Mondkopf - Rising Doom

Guest Backson

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Guest Backson



01. Intro

02. Deadwood

03. Day Of Anger

04. The Song Of Shadows

05. Moon's Throat

06. Beyond The Golden Valleys

07. Sweet Memories

08. Girls Don't Cry Part II

09. Where The Gods Fall

10. My Heart Is Yours

11. Fossil Lights




Shame on you WATMM for sleeping on this album. Quite heavy, quite bleak.

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Guest carthief

This is interesting, I listened to parts of a few of the tracks quickly...what does this guy/girl's music get described as? Just electronic? It's certainly different...just never heard of him before.

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Guest Backson

I dunno bro. He edges on electro, hip hop, dub and heaps of other stuff all the while with a doom and gloom sort of vibe.


Whatever style of beats you call him, he's probably in the same boat as recent Clark or Lorn.

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