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My New IDM Album (has some Aphex Twin remixes in it)

Guest Vlue

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crystal: the kick drum doesn't have enough click, i don't think it mixes well with the synth tones. i liked when the beat first entered by then it lacks variation for my taste, the track isn't really taking me anywhere.


i wish you could talk: (why that sp title?) i like when the beat enters too, and these beats sound a lot better than on previous track imo. the track isn't really going anywhere either, sounds more like a sketch to me, needs development and variation, it's all too repetitive


if i told him: fast forwarded it a little, it's the one i like best so far, there is a kind of obsession feeling that i really get.



been playing a coupla more tracks now, i would say that overall it lacks something, you've got good ideas but the tracks need development, action, your beat sound half fucked, when they should sound either clean or totally fucked.


btw i must be the harshest member of this forum, and i must share my musical taste with few ppl on here :)

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