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Just got off the phone with my bank. They sent me a letter that informed me that they can share my personal information, "social security number... income... account balances... employment information... credit history and transaction history" with "affiliates... non-affiliates" and "financial companies" for "marketing purposes and business purposes".




I called both my credit branch and banking branch to limit as much as I possibly can. Unfortunately, you can't completely limit what they share. They also tried to tell me that I couldn't do it over the phone and that I'd have to do it by mail to some P.O. Box. I complained until I found a supervisor and they made some changes to what they could share, but it's not enough.

This is unacceptable.

The woman told me that I wasn't the only person that called to express concern over this issue (no surprise) and said she understood my frustration. I told her if that was true and if she really understood, like she said, that she would do everything in her personal power to change these policies.


This is something to think about if you have your money with a big bank. THEY HAVE YOUR MONEY. Not you. They invest and reinvest your money day and night and have the nerve to charge absurd fees and then share your private info, on top of everything else! It's enough to make me post something about it on facebook to warn a few hundred people and maybe end my relationship with my bank. The best part is, the letter also says "When you are no longer our customer, we continue to share your information as described in this notice."


They've got me.


This is a sign of the times. I guarantee you, it will only get worse unless we all do something about it.

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I learned a long time ago that people "in the top" of the pyramid will use you as they please.


I thought long and hard if i wanted to fight, eventually decided life is too short to fight unwinnable battles. I try to enjoy life as much as i can without worrying to much about the injustices (sometimes its hard, specially when you read stuff like your OP ...makes my blood boil .. but its just best to take it up the arse close your eyes and pretend you are in a farm with fuzzy talking animals)

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Is it the case where yall are living that you don't sign or use a pin for purchases under $50? I am told that this is 'a good thing', that it relieves me of the HASSLE of using a pin or a pen.... my time is precious and I must get from till A to till B without all this SECURITY holding me back.

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