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Steinvord Specualtion


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telephone: “ring ring ! ! ” x 9


rdj (picks up) : “ yhellow ? ”


tj : “ hello.”


rdj : “yngrllhowevblvjhlekweth”


tj : “pardon ?”




tj : "um… yeah, hello - is rich there pls ? "


rdj : "mbe, who may i say is calling ? "


tj : "yeah, um... ah… tell ‘im it’s tom calling"


rdj: "hi tom ! "


tj : "aw man hello again, i thought i was in an answering machine prank ! "


rdj : "not yet mate! what is up pusher man ! "


tj : "yeh not too bad, yersefl ? "


rdj : "wow, that’s great thx mate ! "


tj : "hey, um, listen rich - did i leave my dat of our audio sesh at yr gaff ? "


rdj : " q possibly; which recording exactly? "


tj : "yeah, um, the fierce breakbeat one we dun u said grant melted plastic to… u know; our men shit… can’t seem to find it anywhere /: ffs, my bad. shit was ill. thought mbe u had it, or praps had a copy lying around sumplace."


rdj : "yeh i know that tape; will have a look when i get a chance, mbe chris has a copy ? "


tj : "oh he might too yeah, should give ‘im a buzz. nd 2 spk 2 'im bout sum fink else aslo; u got ‘is number ? "


rdj : "think he might've changed it again."


tj : "… again? ugh."


rdj : "uhuh, ugh. hey tom pls don’t stress - p sure tape’ll turn up ! "


tj : "bloody better. sesh was a while ago tho…


… hey rich ? "


rdj : "yeh meng"


tj : "my head still hurts from that jam - was a big f nite ! "


rdj : "oath ! still missing a part of my cortex too from it… that f spanish kid o boy: we was served hard w. them jagermeister & hash jellies ! "


tj : "haha - is that wat it was ? ! "


rdj : "sum of it probly, … mbe acid ? can’t q member !"


tj : "o lawdy, me neivah. that sesh was so f metal, no way we cld ever repeat it."


rdj : "yeh we could."




tj : "no u."


rdj : "haha ! good idea, … wait, ... hold your horses ! "


tj : "hah a ! … oi, - can hear that ? "


rdj : "hear what ? "

(background static)

"o yeh lovely."


tj : "shit twinny, say i gotta run sry, me spinster’s here ! "


rdj : (singing) "birds are callin’ ! "


tj : "classic ! soon brother, soon…"


rdj : "soon yes. will search for dat dat tom tom, its a good one ! u know what they say, "


tj : "nah, what do they say ?


rdj : "… that things looked for always turn up wen & where… least expected."


tj : "tru dat. ppl looked for turn up like that too. hey cheers rich, laters. "


rdj : "stay well mate ! cheerio."

stick to the dank memes mate
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I used to think Steinvord was someone else, or the rando from spain. But no, 99.905% chance it's RDJ x TOM. Just too many coincidences. And it is odd to me to have some "random guy from spain" releasing on rephlex, who wants nothing to do with anyone exept releasing Aphex/SP level material, then disappearing into the nether right afterward. Imho if it was someone else that person would have come out already at this point with some kinda official name. Especially since Rephlex is done. So unless that happens I'd say it was THEM trying to avoid WARP records.

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the return of mr. vord after 11 years of silence?

hmm.. similiar track titles, profile description, country, same instrumentation/patterns in music, announcing it via watmm = are all blantant obvious links to the 2008 trax. could it all be too convenient to be true?

which makes me wonder, does @Joyrex know who is/was behind the 'Steinvord' identity all along? :shrug:

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7 hours ago, Uros said:



I finally know what Steinvord is.

And I doubt.. REALLY REALLY doubt Spanishguy is VordStein, but hey you never know I guess.

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8 hours ago, Brisbot said:

I finally know what Steinvord is.

And I doubt.. REALLY REALLY doubt Spanishguy is VordStein, but hey you never know I guess.

Oh yes yes. Was only answering to B1000's question about does Joyrex know who/what/when SV is/was/will be. Sorry for confusion. For what it's worth not convinced at all about this new coming either.

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On 10/1/2019 at 11:55 PM, ____-_-____ said:

Aphex closed with Steinvord - Backyard at WHP...is that the first time he's played Steinvord live?

I’m not 100%, but I’m pretty sure it was. 
clearly, I wasn’t pretty sure. 

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