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What TV series are you watching at moment?


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Guest disparaissant

i have a couple friends who recommended it. it's pretty good. i'm kind of a sucker for "posh rich people react to the events of the times" as a genre, and i'm also a huge fan of "oiy, we're workin' class we are and gosh these rich twats sure are a bother" and it has both in absolute droves.

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Guest Benedict Cumberbatch

watched series 1 of downton abbey. was fun but its not 'the wire'. way too much of people walking in on other people talking about them. whilst watching i couldnt help thinking it was the sort of thing my mom would watch on a sunday night.


watched 2 episodes of boss. interested to see more but not gripped.


also watching cheers as well. into season 4 now. coach's death was not handled well at all. he was my favourite character and he disappears then he's back in an intro and gone again then finally they announce he died two months ago. i know its tough when an actor dies but why didnt they just say he died immediately so we could mourn the characetr and the actor at the same time. the episode where he has disappeared is really hard to watch, must have been hell to film. looking forward to diane leaving but i think we may have already seen the best episodes. woody is a poor coach replacement.



i recently saw portlandia season 1 too which I watched in one hungover sitting and thought was brilliant. highly recomended for SNL and sketch comedy fans

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loving Downton Abbey. episode 2 into season 2 right now.


it veers rather close to soap opera material. i found out my grandma is a fan of masterpiece classics... still, i love watching the show. what can i say.



i hope matthew gets with mary!!! :PPPPPPP looking more and more grim by the episode


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Guest disparaissant

i was trying to explain salient plot points to my girlfriend while she was filling out grad school applications and the stuff i was saying was basically straight up soap opera material

(actual second season spoilers)


(9:24:02 PM) me: i was right

(9:24:08 PM) me: william died :(

(9:24:17 PM) me: and daisy pity-married him before he died.

(9:24:22 PM) her: :-(

(9:24:55 PM) me: it was nice for him he saved matthew´s life!

(9:25:37 PM) me: and now matthew is a paraplegic :( and called off his betrothal to lavinia swire because he can´t father children

(9:25:52 PM) me: BUT that means him and mary can get together! if he´s magically not paraplegic

(9:25:57 PM) her: elen im not done applying yet help me



finished it up SO HAPPY with where it's at right now, can't wait for more episodes.


now i'm watching parks and recreation, it gets SO MUCH BETTER after the first season, leslie knope is the best.

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I just finished watching all 3 series of Arrested Development. While in denial that this brilliance was over, I decided to watch the last day of filming on location, found in the season 3 extras. Got to the part where Will Arnett officially shot his last scene and was choking up as he thanked everyone. I teared up. :'(


Who is the cunt who decides to cancel these shows?? Kill them.

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i've been watching: Todd & The Book of Pure Evil



it's like buffy on crack if anyone is into that

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The IT Crowd, i just discovered it in January and have been laughing my ass off. it's rather brilliantly written, too.


just recently started 30 Rock from the beginning. when i heard about the show, i started late !


Louie is fucking amazing. Netflix only has a handful, i don't even know if it's still going on, but i love C.K. so hard.


also, every once in a while i'll turn on some Mitchell & Webb, but i'm not crazy about it.


oh, what they showed of Portlandia on Netflix was awesome ! i'd love to see more.


Arrested Development, started that one from the beginning. so glad that i'm finally able to experience this show all the way through. it's not something you can just catch an episode of every once in a while, like Always Sunny, which is always funny.

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so i'm going to post a list of shows. some i've just started watching, others i've just finished, some haven't been on the air for a while, others just started. i don't have a tv, but some of the stuff i watch at my ex's place (to varying degrees of complacency)



parks and recreation


are you afraid of the dark


glee (again, that's one of the ex's choices)

new girl (also at the ex's, although the show isn't nearly as bad as i thought it'd be, they just failed with the zooey-centric marketing)

uhh old simpsons episodes


fuck maybe i don't really watch any tv...uh er i started watching goosebumps again?

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watched all 3 seasons of arrested development in a row. Charlize Theron is so beautiful, especially acting retarded with a british accent. And her style was impeccable. Very funny show, wish there was 10 more seasons.

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