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Adam Beker - Koko EP

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Finally I'm able to present WATMM my debut realease!



Some tunes instantly fire up your brain, drawing cartoons in your mind, twisting colours around each other like rainbows in a bag. Here's five tunes like that, straight out of the forests of Lithuania, with big beats and complex synthesis to satisfy you from your brain to your feet. Adam Beker is still insanely young, so we are proud to release his first EP. It's probably the start of a long discography.











http://soundcloud.com/stableface/stbl003-5-olives-by-adam-beker <-- the best


It's available to buy exlusively on soundium.net. Hope you''ll like it guys.




Release page




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Well the stuff is really nice to listen to - productions wise as well as from the content. I like the last two tracks the most, wish Dunn would develop into a real track, not just a intersection. Did you do the tracks specially for the EP or did you choose some existing tracks and made them shine? Anyway cause real criticism is rare these days I also say the following: The content of the tracks is not really interesting to me. Though everything sounds nice, nothing really is exciting or adventurous for my ears. So after listening to the soundcloud I am satisfied and never need to come back to your tracks. But that are just my ears :happy:

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