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wattmproblems: avatars

Guest AcrossCanyons

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Guest AcrossCanyons

This may sound retarded but how do I change my avatar? I've found how to change my "photo" which I assume is the same but I get an error or an infinite loading sign. If I use an existing url I get a red box with no error message inside. I've just removed my previous avatar and tried again but still nothing. Any help watmmadmins?

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My problem was that my old avatar image had the same name as my new avatar image. Also, delete your old avatar before uploading the new, but judging from your current avatar, you've already done that.

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maybe we are only accepting skrillex related avatars according to the new rules.


It's a winning system

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Guest AcrossCanyons

basically, make sure your avatar is small enough. 200x300, 50k max, i think. if you're getting errors, it's too big.

could be the problem. on the page it recommends a larger one tho. :shrug:

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