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From www.recycled-plastics.net :


As a final sendoff for the 2011 year, the appropriately titled Dusk Versions appears as RP2 at Recycled Plastics.

Recorded during the same time as the material for both Outward Residence and Parallel Harbors

(at Other Heights, Belgium), but much softer and more catered to night time listening. Quiet, restrained rhythms bounce

and sway in the background of a dark sonic ether, fogged by the repetitive layers of smoky chords and short melodic

stabs punctuating the groove. Variations and refractions of delays twinkle and bubble like living sparks that decorate

corners of the room too dark to see. Minimal notes of bass anchor the tracks with submarine propulsion, and sheets of

translucent tape warmth and analog reverb are laid gently over the whole structure. This album is an exercise in

finality, in closure. The end of another year, and the last appearance of the oft revisited track "Dusk", with

the minor exception of a remix album due out in 2012 at Other Heights, featuring Quantec, Grad_U, Ohrwert, Axs, Zzzzra

and Textural Being.


Available for streaming/ordering here: http://www.recycled-plastics.net/

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Just a quick bump to let everyone here know this is now stocked (along with several other Coppice Halifax & Milieu titles) at Linus Records in Japan:




Hopefully anyone interested in the record who didn't want to import it from outside Japan can now obtain it pretty easily!

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