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    • By Goiter Sanchez
      It's taken forever, but the 'Video Game Boss Battle Themes' album is finally here! Free download at the following link:


      Here's a sampler for the album:

      And here's a Discogs page so you can add it to your collections:
      Thanks to all the artists who volunteered their time to make this excellent clutch of tracks. Extra-special thanks to WATMM's resident mastering engineer Zephyr Nova who did a great job giving the album cohesive levels! I know it's taken a while to come out, but I hope you'll all agree that the wait has been worth it!
      This is meant to be a free album: please do not pay anything (enter '$0' under 'Buy Now'). I only used the 'pay what you want' option because that way there is no download cap. Enjoy!
    • By chim
      This is one of my biggest and baddest sets ever made, featuring 4 hours of continuous party music, between all kinds of genres between twerk and dubstep and lots of mashup goodness by yours truly. A lot of love went into this, enjoy!

    • By theplaided
      Mit ihrem gerade veröffentlichten, zehnten Album zeigen Plaid, „wie man nach 25 Jahren im Musikbusiness immer noch wegweisend sein kann“, schreibt unser Autor im Groove-Review zuReachy Prints. Seit 1997 stehen Ed Handley und Andy Turner beim britischen Vorzeige-Label Warp unter Vertrag und loten dort in einer Reihe mit Autechre und Boards Of Canada unerschrocken die Möglichkeiten elektronischer Musik aus. Besonderes Augenmerk legt das Duo seit jeher auch auf die visuelle Darstellung ihrer Musik. Für das Stück „Tether“ von ihrem neuen Album gaben Plaid etwa eine Wep-App mit interaktiven Grafiken in Auftrag. Kurz bevor Plaid im Rahmen ihrer aktuellen Tour diese Woche in Deutschland Station machen, haben uns einen exklusiven DJ-Mix zur Verfügung gestellt.
    • By Rubin Farr
      posted by Grant on FB:
    • By Bertolt Brechtakt
      30 years ago the Beastie Boys released their debut EP. Time to reminisce.
      This mix is for the Beastie Boys, in great memory of Adam Yauch (R.I.P.), and all the musicians who have contributed to their legacy.
      Enjoy the music.

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