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Waldorf Blofeld Synthesizer

Guest The Bro

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Just wondering if you'd guys would recommend it? I like the fact that its 16-part multitimbral and it looks quite easy to edit. Thoughts welcome.



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I've had limited experience with one. I thought the sound was great, but I actually wasn't a fan of the way they set up that cross matrix to edit patches.

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I had a MicroQ which it's based on and the multitimbral mode was very buggy and flaky. Also CCs weren't working how I expected and one of the envelope modes didn't work. Editing wasn't super fun either. But it was a really nice sounding machine, and anyway they may have fixed these issues in the Blofeld.

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They're pretty cheap second hand so you could probably just buy it, test it out and pass it on if it doesn't suit you,

Be prepared to use an editor on your pc for programming sounds though, I hear the interface is a bit arse otherwise




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best digital synth you can buy for the money, basically the best of Waldorf's Microwave XT and Q rolled into one


the interface takes a bit of getting use to but the graphic LCD helps a lot and every parameter has MIDI CC so hooking it up to a MIDI controller isn't a problem


the microwave/PPG wavetable, different overdrives, 16 part mod matrix, custom arpeggiator on each of the 16 parts and amazing comb filters steal the show



cons; only a main stereo out, only two master bus FX and no MIDI thru but these would bump up the price



two of my house mates both have one and I'd have one myself if I didn't already have a Nord Modular



highly recommended

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