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Roxy Music - Love Is The Drug / Avalon (Remixed By T.Terjee/Lindstrom)


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      One of only two lacquer manufacturing plants in the world for vinyl burned down in LA.  Expect delays:

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      Saw that this was in the making a while back, it's out now :)


      "too new, too new, don't like new records"

      Interesting picks imo, his influences seem to have changed a lot (I was expecting more stuff to sample from, soundtracks / library stuff /jazz / fusion / whatever), you can clearly hear it in his 2014 sets too.
    • By Redruth
      "dgoHn is one of the artists that best encapsulates the Subtle Audio sound. He offsets heavy breakbeats with an array of smooth keys, strings and vocals, while his arrangements always carry the listener on a journey that is never quite certain but always interesting. These are qualities that have ensured Aphex Twin regularly plays his music at festivals around the world and that dgoHn himself gets booked to play at the most esoteric Drum & Bass nights like Technicality and IChiOne aswell as at eclectic events such as Bangface.
      “Hang Nail” employs the ubqitious amen but with a crunch and a twist that only dgoHn could provide. The incessant nature of the drums is tempered by a wistful repetitive synth-line and some kind of weird voice and pipe symbiosis."
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    • By Redruth
      "Cerberus belches out of the darkness like a shotgun blast to the face. The slavering three headed watchdog patrols the banks of the River Styx, the river of lost souls as the wretched hoards flow past writhing midst its currents. Its hot sulphurous breath and steaming piles of iridescent dung fill the air as you pass into Hades - never to return."
      "EDMX (DMX KREW) has been releasing quality electronics on Rephlex and his own Breakin' record labels amongst others since 1995. The Cerberus EP on Power Vacuum presents his heaviest and darkest moments to date...
      Side A at 45rpm presents the smash-downbeat of 'Cerberus' - incapable of taking prisoners even if there was a glimpse of mercy encoded into this Techno ice-breaker. 'I'm rushing My Tits Off' documents its cascading anvil melody into near-oblivion while masterfully cruising a two-way wormhole between 1st-wave Electro and modern subsonix. Finally 'Orange Squash' guides us through an irresistibly distorted Acid-shuffle, restoring some level of equilibrium post-Cerberus."
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