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Guest yikes

new dj shadow joint

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Guest yikes

the better


had a long car ride today and listened to it twice.

i wanted to like it.

seems like the homie josh has run out of ideas.

I was expecting more with all that gear,time and one of the best record collections on planet earth.

silly me

it's well produced,some nice drums but overall it's lacking innovation,experimentation,feeling and just left me cold.

As if he is playing it safe and repeating himself.


If i have have to lump him into a category o it's either "instrumental hip hop" and or electronica /breakbeat.


so as benchmarks I will use j dilla or quasi modo on the right and i dunno,aphex twin,chris clark on the left.

he ain't nowhere near any of those guys with regard to quality.


Dude should try hiring a band next time around,or just try something different.

It's like he's painted himself into a corner.

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Guest yikes


hard for me to feel bad for him

i mean c'mon dude his 45 colection alone could by 2-3 homes at current market value


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