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Vintage Synths: Future World Orchestra - Desire (1982)


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    • By Atop
      Have you watched it yet?
      I loved it.
      Some plot holes but I think the editting was probably viscious to keep this thing at 8 episodes.
      I love the combo of influences that are well worn on the sleeves of this series.
      Richard Matheson and John Carpenter came to mind first while watching. Then Spielberg and Cronenberg creep up in to it. Twilight Zone as fuck also.
      Really fucking entertaining, well-acted and well-produced on the whole.
      The music fucking rules......members of the band SURVIVE provided the excellent music.
      I hope it becomes an anthology series with new stories each season.
      What do you think?
    • By rev85
      Hi team - Some live hardware sets with edits done over three days - free to obtain;

    • By cygnus
      From Clone.nl:
      "Machine Funk... 79 unrelenting minutes of cybernetic electro-funk. A dense collection of experimental compositions and synthetic, man-machine beauty created by Cygnus which fuse with the dance-floor to perfection. Inspired by the miniseries ''Machine Man'', 1984's classic comic created by Barry Windsor-Smith. Comes in a high quality gate-fold sleeve, where you can find and read the story behind Machine Funk, along with the lyrics of each track. As usual with Fundamental Records; limited and no re-press!"
      Order directly from Fundamental Records: [email protected]
      Order from Clone Records: https://clone.nl
      Really excited to get this one out to you guys. Make sure you get a copy because there will never be a re-press! 
    • By Joyrex
      Note the company who makes the first cassette

      And of course, amazing music by HOME
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