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Hi there!


I just made this shit short video of my first attempt at controlling my DEP2a with a light dependent resistor.


The CV is controlling the threshold above which the sample looper records the audio input into its buffer. I set it to record when I hover the resistor.


It works quite well, I only have to make some proper controller with cool sensors and get more gear with CV inputs :)



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Guest Blanket Fort Collapse

That sounds pretty fucking awesome (videos like these are more enjoyable if you don't use a shitty cam mic and find a way to record it in your DAW and resync or plug a direct line into the input of your camera)


Speaking of you should upload a good quality recording of this?


I hope you don't take offense haha, Tool isn't the most IDM approved band in the world but I really could hear most of this as being an intro for a Tool song right around the Lateralus era (before they started to suck)

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