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Kossak - You Forgot To Kick It RLR23


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artist: Kossak

title: You Forgot To Kick It

release date: 2/15/12

format: 4 panel digipack CD

artwork: Kelly Porter

mastering: Taylor Dupree


1 The Shit Today

2 Dawaj

3 Little Black Clouds

4 A Room With No Boundries

5 Brooker's Bibles

6 I Love A Good Pork Sandwich

7 Sparks

8 Icetray

9 Bassturbation

10 Mexicali

11 Karmaliuk Posse

12 The Cop Show (with Brian English)


previews of all songs here

if you are on watmm advanced ordering is available here for $12 (cd & digital) or digital for $7

(your cd will be shipped out immediately before the official release date)


from an upcoming review by Igloomag.com

Kossak (also known as Lucas Patzek) joins a new breed of musicians unlike many that have come before him. Nestled somewhere between chill—trip—hip hop, his sounds are meticulously crafted, well balanced and produced with astute attention to detail. While press-releases usually shine the lights brightly on any given release, Record Label Records nails it on their descriptor: “Dub-inflected, with industrial echoes and hints of jazz and village
 folk music, every refrain and counter-melody feels deliberate and predetermined. Ludicrous 
sampled phrases punctuate a series of subtle grooves, elevating the sometimes difficult shifting 
soundscape to an effortless listen.” This particular synopsis can’t be ignored and should clearly be focused on as You Forgot To Kick It encompasses all of the above quite perfectly.

Dub-infected in that heavily layered bass lines roll smoothly throughout. Industrial echoes are ever so slightly delivered—a backbone of driving beats and darkened moods are prevalent. Hints of jazz is unveiled—however dispersed occasionally—to allow for an instrumental touch. Village folk music is prescribed at the onset and is peppered sparingly above the audio creations. But what truly stands out is the clever usage of bass, heavy beats, ambiguous rhythms and subtle melodies that bend, shift and contort gracefully around each piece. Perhaps Taylor Deupree’s influence can be credited in this aspect as the mastering is genuinely balanced among a myriad of found-sounds and gelatinous fragments. Exploratory structures run parallel to early-era Amon Tobin—humble yet impacting, minimal yet maximal, each track clearly redefines the current state of electrified hip-hop. Projecting outward from the likes of Gescom and/or Shadowhuntaz (Skam), Kossak’s focus on layering percussion and tumbling bass is refined and delves into broken slabs of funk, mechanical spillways, distorted tweaks as well as uplifting anthems that are discovered in the ashes. Being able to reveal these fresh perspectives in the form of dense instrumental electronics, both low-riding emissions and high-diving waves fuel this album creating an array of stimulating color that continues to expand.

You Forgot To Kick It is available on Record Label Records. [Release page]


Soundcloud preview


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