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All albums best to worst

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1. Untilted

2. Confield

3. Amber

4. Chiastic Slide

5. NTS Sessions 1-4

6. Exai

7. Draft 7.30

8. Quaristice

9. Tri Repetae

10. Oversteps

11. Elseq 1-5

12. SIGN (tentative, only coupla listens, but feels about right for now)

13. Incunabula

14. LP5

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i would just do this 1) - All autechre releases on the same line listed horizontally. 

Except nts sessions which we throw into a pond.... 🤔

SIGN is definitely at the bottom. Worst album they've ever done by quite some way. Dire.

So, the Lego Feet album is generally not considered an Autechre album? I'd say it's better than Incunabula or Amber, especially the 74min re-release.

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5 hours ago, oh2 said:


unintelligible in a (WATMM subforum) thread named "all albums best to worst" from an artist with 14 x 'studio LPs' to their name

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5 hours ago, zkom said:

So, the Lego Feet album is generally not considered an Autechre album? I'd say it's better than Incunabula or Amber, especially the 74min re-release.

Context I guess. Most of us would include Lego, EPs, Lives, maybe even Gescom and bootlegs, etc. but this old thread has generally discussed the 'albums'. There are several release cycles of updated lists in this thread. Ideally, over time it would document shifting tastes among WATMMers (as well as the initial reception).

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On 10/9/2020 at 12:17 AM, mushroom said:

im really gonna have to wear out SIGN and then set it aside for a while before i can even think about ranking it

For sure. I already like it significantly more than I did during the stream (in some cases, I think legitimately due to the sound quality - stream didn't sound off, but you didn't get the full dimensionality of a lot of the sounds/synths, especially on 4lema). Some Autechre (Confeld, Exai, NTS) has clicked with me real time as I've listened, and some (Oversteps, Untilted), I've grown to appreciate a lot more with time and scrutiny after some initial difficulty. I feel like this one is probably falling closer to that second camp for me.

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1 hour ago, Wurstwasser said:

Post release report pls thx

Yeah, you have a point. "Disturbing" is not the best choice of word for that, what SIGN is. 😄

But joking aside, for me it is kind of a new turn for Autechre. I have always felt a very deep emotional core in their releises, but most of the time it was almost hidden, and under the suface. That is perhaps why their music was often perceived as "cold", with which term I never could agree. But SIGN is undoubtebly their "warmest" record. And that it's divise within the fanbase, seems to show, that there is an element to it, that some of us wasn't prepared for (so in that sense "disturbing" them).

I liked SIGN on the first listen, and now after 5 listening sessions I'm still loving it, and didn't get tired of it. With NTS I didn't had that, last time I heard such an approachable Autechre record, was with Oversteps, and even there the second half of the record is a more challenging experience than by SIGN. But it's still them, and I still feel the same effort and heart in it, what I always loved in their music.

I also think, that it was a very bold move from Sookie and Rory to go in this direction after elseq and NTS, but I can get why. I think somebody here already made the comparison to Confield and Oversteps, how Autechre has always key records to re-set their musical landscape. I agree with that comparison, of course is just a flawed analogy, but there is some truth behind it. It's like the bois love to go to the wall and then re-set the direction and go the next wall. I'm curious where they will lead us, and I'm very much with them in this journey.

How was that?

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17 hours ago, Chabraendeky said:

How was that?

Thanks, all nice and well - I am thinking: What would our attention span on SIGN be, if it were by some unknown artist? My guts don't feel the difference, the freshness in SIGN. Feels more of an Oversteps/Quaristice revisit.

I have no clue wether I will like it or not. Need more listens on decent speakers. After a 1.5 listen, IDK, there's nothing that really got my attention. We all know that means nothing and may change.
Last time I really thought "OMG" on first listen was when they did NTS Live, it was on tt1pd 2nd half which was just so nicely developing. AEesque.

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