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what cigarette brands do you smoke watmm


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I was a pretty boring smoker (about 8 months smoke free so far)


Started with Parliament Lights

Then Camel Lights

Then Lucky Strike

Then Marlboro Reds

Then American Spirits


and i think then I quit....I also had Djarum cloves somewhere in the mix.

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i quit smoking cigarettes about 2 years ago but when i did i smoked



then i was able to quit them and got hooked on black and mild wines for about another year.. at one point smoking like 3 a day.



but im tobacco free now

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i started with camels, moved on to marlboro, then to kent, lucky strike and now l&m because they're cheap and sorta tastes like marlboro a little bit.

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Guest abracadabra



The first cigarette I ever smoked is my choice today.


I jumped brands plenty of times but nothing satisfies me more than a Marlboro Red

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Anyone have these coconut shell filters?




I did for a while. I thought they were a rip-off cause I couldn't tell the difference but it turned out they were always cheaper than standard ones so my anger was contained. Although there is the obligatory waste when you show someone that there is something inside by ripping the buggers apart.


Not available here, but you can get filters with charcoal absolber inlay.


i dont smoke anymore but when i did, i loved these



Indiana Jones !






beautiful package design

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Why don't we skip a step and just start smoking babies directly?


Or is that wrong? =/


Am i missing something here?


And don't anyone say a chromosone or two. I have all my chromosones >.<

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