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Mirrorring - Foreign Body


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"Amazing album of diffuse, DIY drone-pop from two doyennes in the field: Liz 'Grouper' Harris and Jesy 'Tiny Vipers' Fortino. The material featured on Foreign Body is every bit as subdued than its creators' respective solo work, but the collaboration is more than sum of its parts: Harris's searching, poetic command of reverb is as distinctive and quietly overwhelming as ever, and she sculpts gorgeously murky, sylvan atmospheres for Fortino to set her more traditionally folk-influenced vocal performances and finger-picked guitar lines in. The song-based compositions are incredibly affecting, but arguably the duo soar highest when exploring more pensive instrumental shades, as on 'Cliffs' and 'Mirror Of Our Sleeping', the latter most strongly reminiscent of the minimalist direction Harris has been taking Grouper has been taking recently, with an elegiac drift that reminds us of both David Sylvian's ambient work and Aphex's SAW II. Really, it's that good: a majestic work from two artists at the top of their game."

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i'm really happy with this album, very warm and soothing. it's more minimal than grouper's previous but also more down to earth..embracing. they also compliment each other beautifully as singers. cliffs is a particularly good track.

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Guest oldenjon

i'm stoked on the first track. it sounds like a synth driven grouper track. something

i've been wanting to hear since dragging a dead deer up a hill. really good.

some of the other tracks are a little meh, mostly because the folk aspects were overpowering the ambient ones.

overall a decent album, but I want more synth in my grouper now

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